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Our People, Our Stories

All my life, I have known my future would be in agriculture. I grew up playing on my father’s lap as he sat at his old-fashioned drawing board, and then, later, on his computer, designing farm machinery. His office at K-Line Ag, the business he built with my uncles and grandfather, was my playground for many afternoons after school. I remember writing stories on the old computers, drawing pictures on the task management boards and watching the hustle and bustle of the factory from the window.

Many things have changed since those days. Farm machinery design has improved in leaps and bounds, K-Line has been sold to a multinational corporation, and there is a new family business, AusCut.

Frustrated for a long time with the lack of Australian-made slasher options for our farm, my cousins Roly and Kurtis decided to follow in the footsteps of their dads and uncles. When K-Line was sold we retained ownership of a turf mower range, giving Roly and Kurtis the first step towards building AusCut. With the help of the previous generation, the pair rehashed the designs to create an improved turf mower range and continued to design efficient and hardy slashers to add to the range.

With a team of over 20 dedicated staff, AusCut has outgrown the original rented factory and site shed offices. We now work out of a purpose-built office and factory building, with another factory for additional working space. We are continually striving to update our range, with our latest product, the TurboTopper, released in March 2022 and more machines in the pipeline.

I finished my schooling last year and am now proud to be a part of this dynamic team, striving to help farmers succeed in one of the most important industries this country has to offer. With over 100 years of combined experience in farming, manufacturing and design, you can trust AusCut to provide hard-working, reliable machinery for all your vegetation control needs.



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