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Quality grader blades to ensure a smooth finish on all your driving surfaces

AusCut grader blades are an easy solution to creating smoother tracks and driveways with heavy-duty design and construction, ensuring a quality job.

Our range features units with working widths from 3m to 4m.  

At AusCut, we have recognised the lack of Australian-made land-levelling equipment on the market. That's why we’ve come up with grader blades that are ideal for effortless operation, allowing you to save precious time and work more efficiently. With our innovative design, setting up and operating our machines is a breeze. No more headaches from complicated instructions or frustrating processes. We believe that simplicity leads to success and our grader blades deliver just that.


A heavy-duty box grader, designed and manufactured for a quality finish in all grading applications.

Unmatched precision with oscillating wheels

When it comes to blade control and ground-following ability, AusCut’s grader blades, like the BulkaBlade, will suit the job. Our BulkaBlade is standard with innovative oscillating wheels that ensure a smooth grading experience. These wheels can also adapt to any terrain, allowing you to navigate tricky landscapes with ease. 

Level lift - accurate and reliable

Achieving an even and level surface is crucial in any grading operation. AusCut's grader blades feature a single hydraulic lever for precise levelling of the machine. With just a simple adjustment, you can achieve the perfect grading angle effortlessly. For even greater control,  you can tilt the blade to the left and right using a single hydraulic remote, while also being able to lift the blade on a set angle with the second remote. With AusCut, you can be confident that your grading work will be accurate, consistent and professional.

Visible level bars for uncompromising

We believe that achieving a consistent level finish is essential. That's why AusCut’s grader blades come equipped with visible blade-level bars. Our RHS bar, mounted off the rear axles, features easy-to-see indicators for accurate blade levelling. No more guesswork or estimation — our grader blades provide you with clear visual cues to ensure precise and consistent grading.

Why choose us?

AusCut is your top choice for finding the grader blades in Australia best suited for the country’s unique conditions. Here's why:


  • A variety of machines — As Australian manufacturers, we deliver a range of high-quality machinery designed for various industries. Our products are crafted for more than just farming — they excel on horse tracks and other terrains, offering outstanding performance and unwavering durability.


  • Driven by innovation — At AusCut, innovation is one of our core values. We constantly bring you the latest advancements in farming technology, providing practical solutions that cater to your evolving needs. Expect state-of-the-art equipment that keeps you at the forefront of operating efficiency.


  • Commitment to satisfaction — We genuinely care about enhancing your farming experience. From your first contact with us to the operation of your machine, we'll be there every step of the way. Trust us to prioritise your satisfaction at all times.

Purchase reliable grader blades from AusCut

Choose AusCut’s grader blades and experience the difference. With our grader blades’ easy operation, accurate levelling and unmatched versatility, you'll be equipped to tackle any grading project with confidence. Explore our range of grader blades in Australia today.

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